Part Time Work Options in UK for International Students

Students who study abroad are usually dependent on part time jobs for survival. Part time jobs are an integral part of their living, as it helps to support their studies and their daily expenses. It may not be a necessity for all, but it is definitely important for majority of students, who go to study abroad.
All countries have different regulations for international students to study in UK, but in all countries students are allowed to work simultaneously with their studies. Fixed hours are allotted to students every week, which are usually doubled in vacations. UK Universities allow students to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full time during vacations. If they have received CAS from a government-funded college, they can work 10 hours per week. Students can earn around £5 – £7 per hour i.e. approx. £400 – £560 per month depending on the kind of job they get.
Universities of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, USA and Ireland also allow students to work for 20 hours per week with studies and 40-hours/full time during vacations. Universities of Singapore has work limit of 16-hours per week.
Some universities provide opportunities to students to work on campus and some provide assistance to students who seek part time jobs. Some of the common and easily available work options for students are:
Tutor – Students who are weak in academics always seek assistance from students who are good at it. So if you are good at academics, you can help others by sharing your knowledge and get paid for it.
Freelancing – Students who have a flair of writing can write content for books, websites and blogs.
Restaurants – Students can find quick jobs at restaurants/cafes and other eating joints. Working at eating joints can involve cleaning tables, dishes, serving food, taking orders, creating bills etc.
Assistance Provider – Students can assist customers at departmental stores/book store/library/music shops etc.
Baby Sitter – For quick bucks, you can become a baby sitter.
Except these common options, students can also take up part time jobs in several other fields. Part-time jobs serves several purposes – it helps in sustenance, keeps the student occupied, encourages interaction with people, makes the student familiar with real working environment and boosts the confidence of students.
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