Difference b/w Indian and western education system

Education plays a pivotal role in development of any nation. India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world. Education in India is of utmost importance and is in huge demand, because the development of nation is entirely dependent on it. India is one of the oldest civilizations and is acknowledged for its significant contributions to the world of knowledge.

Like parliamentary and judiciary systems, educational system of India is also inherited from the West. Though the inheritance is not pure, but initiatives have begun to adapt to changes existing in Western education system. Indian education focuses more on academics and gives least importance to practical training and knowledge. On the other hand, Western system of education encourages individual interests, learning abilities and aptitude towards any vocations.

In ancient times, education was imparted by the Gurus in Gurukula. All the students had to live in the Gurukula, where they had to serve their Gurus and take teachings from them. The medium of education in these Gurukul’s was Sanskrit or Hindi.

The Indian education system shifted its paradigm when the British conquered India. Britisher’s propagated their means and methods of teaching and English became a dominant language. The concepts of Gurus and Gurukul’s have become extinct with the changing times. For education, now students go to convents, colleges and universities. Despite Hindi being our mother tongue, English has become a major language for imparting education.

Education Institutions in India are making efforts to bridge the gap between Indian and Western system of education. Students are being provided with opportunities to study abroad and explore a new culture. Courses which were academics centered earlier are now adding a new perspective. More and more courses are introduced daily which lay stress on practical knowledge and training. Indian system of education is widening its horizons.


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